Have you ever dropped your phone on the ground,
toilet, pool, in the car .... Don't worry, you're not
alone, it happens to all of us! Introducing
Snap-A-Loop! Our breakthrough technology &
unique design allows you to never have to worry
about dropping your phone again!
Snap-A-Loop is great for all ages, from kids to
teenagers & adults to seniors. Snap-A-Loop is safe on
all phones and can be used on most cases. Now, you
can feel comfortable knowing that you can talk, text
& even take pictures & not have to worry about your
phone slipping out of your hand!

For a limited time you'll get a Snap-A-Loop for the
amazingly low price of $19.95. You'll get 1 base,
3 loops & our special double sided tape to apply your


This is not a warranty or insurance policy (Not applicable for Florida residents).

Whether you need a battery replacement or drop your phone & need repairs fast, we're here to help. We do our very best to make sure that it's a simple & hassle free process for you to receive your mobile repair rebates. The best part is that our rebate club will only cost you $9.87/month! *

Drops and Spills: If you drop your phone or spill liquids on your device, during the course of normal use, we'll rebate 80% of the costs for your repair.

One-time Mobile Battery Replacement: If the removable battery fails to hold a charge, we’ll rebate 100% of the cost to replace it one time.

Normal Wear & Tear Repairs: We’ll rebate 80% of repair costs for normal wear & tear on your mobile device, including defects in materials or workmanship & failures due to dust, internal heat & humidity.

Power Surges: We'll rebate 80% of the repair costs for equipment failure due to a power surge or fluctuation.

Screen & Pixel Damage: If your pixels start looking strange, a shadow image sticks or your screen is cracked, we'll rebate 80% of repair costs to get your screen back to pristine condition.

How it works:

  • Must be a paid & active member for at least 30 days.
  • Take your device to a verifiable local repair facility, pay for the repair then mail us the detailed copy of the receipt along with the name, address and phone number of the facility you took your device to get repaired.
  • We will verify your account and the facility & then mail you a rebate check for 100% of battery replacement cost or 80% of the repair cost (up to $200.00) within 14 business days.
*Rebates are limited to 50% of device replacement, 80% of repair costs, or 100% of removable battery replacement up to a maximum of $200 total per anniversary year and are only available to current active members of the Snap-A-Loop Mobile Device Rebate Club.
*If you cancel your membership, request a refund or dispute a charge through your financial institution, you will automatically forfeit your rights to qualifying for all rebates.